High-Performance Measurement Products.
Analog to CAN Module (AC-1-4)
Convert (4) 0-5V Analog signals to CAN messages.
TireData App
Easy App for Recording and Analysis of all Tire Info for Maximum Performance.
Aero Pressure Sensor Array (AP-1)
16-Channel Aerodynamic Pressure Sensing with CAN Output
LASER Wheel Angle Measurement (LA-1)
Measure steering angles, camber angles for set-up and all forms of vehicle testing.
Inertial Measurement Unit (IM-1)
X, Y, and Z gyros and accelerometers with CAN output for precise motion tracking.
Driveshaft / Axle Torque Measurement (DS-1)
Transmit driveshaft or axle torque signals with this wireless system.
Position Sensor (PS-1)
Non-Contact Position Sensing with High Accuracy in Harsh Environments. Carbon Fiber Shaft.
Tire Temperature Sensor (IR-1)
Compact Infrared Tire Tread Temperature Sensor With CAN Bus Output.
Strain-Gage Amplifier (SG-1/SG-1-C)
Amplify strain-gage, load-cell, torque-cell, or pressure sensor outputs to a 0-5V signal.
Numeric Display (ND-1)
Compact PCB Displays Voltage or CAN Bus Information
Laser Ride Height System (LRHS-1)
Wireless Laser Distance Measurement with Android Tablet.
LINC Android Measurement System
Display, Record and Share Sensor Info to Android devices.
Intro to Strain Gages and Load Cells
Some basic info on how strain gages work, a brief history, and quick tips for amplifying and transmitting strain gage signals.
CAN Bus – Demystified
A quick and basic tutorial on the CAN Bus for sensor and actuator communications.
Wireless Telemetry
Wireless Communications have evolved to become smaller, more efficient, and easier to use. Here are some basics of wireless.
Tire Measurements
Changes in Tire Pressure and Temperature have the largest effect on race handling and balance. Understanding these properties is key.