High-performance measurement products.
TireData App
Easy App for Recording and Analysis of all Tire Info for Maximum Performance.
Aero Pressure Sensor Array (AP-1)
16-Channel Aerodynamic Pressure Sensing with CAN Output
LASER Wheel Angle Measurement (LA-1)
Measure steering angles, camber angles for set-up and all forms of vehicle testing.
Inertial Measurement Unit (IM-1)
X, Y, and Z gyros and accelerometers with CAN output for precise motion tracking.
Analog to CAN Module (AC-1-4)
Convert (4) 0-5V Analog signals to CAN messages.
Driveshaft / Axle Torque Measurement (DS-1)
Transmit driveshaft or axle torque signals with this wireless system.
Position Sensor (PS-1)
Non-Contact Position Sensing with High Accuracy in Harsh Environments. Carbon Fiber Shaft.
Tire Temperature Sensor (IR-1)
Compact Infrared Tire Tread Temperature Sensor With CAN Bus Output.
Strain-Gage Amplifier (SG-1/SG-1-C)
Amplify strain-gage, load-cell, torque-cell, or pressure sensor outputs to a 0-5V signal.
Numeric Display (ND-1)
Compact PCB Displays Voltage or CAN Bus Information
Tire Temperature Measurement Kit
Tire Temperature Measurement System for any Android device.
Laser Ride Height System (LRHS-1)
Wireless Laser Distance Measurement with Android Tablet.
LINC Android Measurement System
Display, Record and Share Sensor Info to Android devices.