Custom Engineering
Techmor offers application specific modifications for your custom projects.

Have a problem to solve, or an application in mind?  Let us know if we can help.  We are interested in applying the Techmor building blocks to design custom systems.

Fields of Expertise

  • Test Rig Automation and Data Acquisition
  • Analog and Digital Circuit Design
  • Printed Circuit Board Layout
  • Handheld Electronic Tools
  • Sealed Enclosure Design with Military or Motorsport Connectors
  • Feedback Controls Theory and Tuning (Position, Torque, Load etc)
  • CAN Bus Measurements and Controls
  • Harsh Environment Measurement (Heat, Vibration, Motion)


Here are a few of the projects that Techmor Staff have created:

  • NASCAR tire pressure monitoring system
  • Closed-loop hydraulic ride-height system
  • LASER kinematics – on-track measurement system
  • Track and rig testing  – F1, Champ Car, NASCAR
  • Inertial Measurement Unit – Vehicle Stability Control System
  • Advanced RF Telemetry System  – with U.S. Army Research Labs
  • F1 Engine controls – V10 fuel and intakes
  • Custom sensors – tire deflections, bending, capacitive loads, etc.
  • Automated test rigs for torque and spring rates
  • Racing analysis software applications for ECU
  • Steering wheel paddle switches and helmet shift-light displays
  • Pit-stop fuel timing device – Champ Car
  • LED rain light – Champ Car
  • LASER engraving, barcode marking, and polymer resistor trimming
  • End-of-line function testers
  • Data acquisition software – PC and on-vehicle
  • Keypad Design – Smart-House systems