Introducing the new Techmor
Bluetooth Strain Gage/Load Cell Amplifier

The programmer is in your pocket!

Our, rugged, Bluetooth programmable strain gage/load cell amplifier takes the “strain” out of working with strain gauges.  

The accurate, temperature stable 24Bit A/D front end measures your full or half bridge strain gauge installation on the fly.     S+, S-, V+ are read in real time and displayed on the mobile device.  No balancing resistors needed.  Every bridge node is monitored and displayed. Gage diagnostics have never been easier or more affordable.

Once digitized all signal processing is done in the digital domain.  Gain and offset are applied and output by a high speed 12 bit D/A converter.

Gain can be adjusted by sliding your finger, or entering any fractional gain from 1x to 1200X

Programming steps:

Choose your gain.

Choose your output offset voltage. 

Click a button to zero to your target output voltage. 

Click Write to save the configuration.


Once programmed the radio can be disabled and the amplifier programming locked.  Physical access is required to push a button and reconnect.. 

The is the perfect solution for every gauge installation.

Download the app today!

*android phone not included

*  Introductory Price  *    $149.95

More Info
  • Easiest to use strain gage amplifier on the market!
  • Wireless 
  • Program with your mobile device (Android only)
  • 24 bit accuracy
  • 500hz 12 bit, 3.3V analog output. 
  • Rugged construction
  • Vibration and temperature resistant – no potentiometers to drift
  • No balancing required
  • Infinitely adjustable gain
  • Adjustable zero offset voltage
  • Low cost!
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