Controller Area Network


What it is:
– A simple communication method for sensors, controllers and actuators
– Broadcast network, every module can talk and listen to all others
– Up to 1Million bits per second
– 2-wire communications


What it’s good for:
-Short messages for sensor values or actuator commands
-Noisy environments (cars, trucks, factories, etc)
-Wire reduction (many messages on 2 wires)


What it’s not good for:
-Pictures, Videos, large files and datasets


Most common CAN Bus mistakes:
-Modules not set to the same bus speed  (ex 1Mbit/s)
-Termination resistors incorrect (NEED (2) and ONLY (2) 120ohm)
-Termination resistors not at ends of longest wire run (trunk)
-Drop wires longer than permitted


-CAN High
-CAN Low


Speed vs Allowable Length:
High-speed (1 Mbits/s) data transmission over short distances of 40m
Low-speed (5 kbits/s) transmissions at lengths of up to 10,000 m



Line Resistance (Between CAN High and CAN Low) should read 60 ohms.




Check out the many Techmor products with CAN Bus capabilities, including LINC connectivity to Smartphones and Tablets.

IM-1 Inertial Measurement Device

AC-1-4 Analog to CAN Module

SG-1-C Strain Gage Amplifier to CAN

LA-1 LASER Alignment – Steer/Camber Measurement

LINC Smartphone and Tablet Bridge


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