Strain Gage/Load Cell to CAN Bus Module

Read a mV signal from a Strain-Gage or Load Cell and Output on the CAN Bus
Rugged, Lightweight, Compact Module with Programmable Settings

SG-1 with Flying Leads

Price: $395


SG-1 with Red Autosport ASL606 Connector

Price: $465

More Info
  • CNC Milled Aerospace Aluminum and Carbon Fiber
  • 6-30V DC Power
  • mV Signal Amplifier and CAN Converter in One
  • mV Input with Raychem Wire
  • CAN Bitrate up to 1Mbit/s and 200 Samples/s
  • Configurable ID, Bus Bitrate and Message Rate
  • Temperature Rated from -40C to +125C
  • High-Temperature Cable with Oil and Fuel-Resistant Jacket
  • Flying Leads or Optional Red Autosport Conn.


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