Gain Calculator


1. Find the sensor’s full scale output ratio  (Ex. 2.00mV/V at 1000lb). Usually printed on the load cell, or on the calibration sheet.
2. This means that when 1000lb is applied, the sensor will output 2.00mV. (0.002 V) for every Volt that is supplied for excitation.
3. Since the Techmor SG-1 excites with 5V, the full scale output will be 2mV/V x 5V = 10mV.
4. Choose the desired output range,  0.2V to 4.8V is good for 0-5V systems. So the amplifier output range is 4.6V.
5. Divide the desired amplifier output range by the sensor full scale output. Gain =  4.6V / 10mV = 460
6. If the sensor is bi-directional, divide this by 2 because it needs to go both directions from 2.5V. Gain = 460/2 = 230


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